Bài tập trắc nghiệm thì hiện tại đơn và hiện tại tiếp diễn

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những bài tập trắc nghiệm thì bây chừ đối kháng cùng bây chừ tiếp tục gồm đáp án là nhị thì bây chừ thông thường chạm mặt những trong giờ đồng hồ anh cùng có rất nhiều điểm tương tự nhau. Vì thế nên nhiều người chạm mặt trở ngại Khi áp dụng hầu như thì này có tác dụng bài xích tập hằng ngày. các bài tập luyện thì hiện tại 1-1 và thì hiện nay tiếp nối sau đây sẽ giúp phần đông người rất có thể so sánh trực tiếp các kết cấu, giải pháp sử dụng, dấu hiệu nhận thấy 2 thì này đơn giản và dễ dàng độc nhất.

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Những bài tập trắc nghiệm thì hiện nay đối chọi và hiện nay tiếp diễn bao gồm đáp án

Bài 1. Chia động tự bên dưới đây 

Listen! My mother (sing)……………… a song. Every night, We (go)…………………….. to lớn bed at 8.0p.m Ha (like)……………… Music but I (like)………………………Math Now, they (stay)…………………………in Ha Noi. My father (read)………………………..a newspaper in the afternoon Look! Hoai phong (run)______________________. Viet usually (listen)____ khổng lồ the teacher in the class, but she (not listen)_____now. Where _____________________ your mother (be)?She (be)________ living room. She (watch) ______TV.


9. ____________they (go) to school by motorbike today?

There(be)___________many flowers in our garden.Everyday, Mr.Hoang(not go)_______________________khổng lồ work by bus. In the Summer, I rarely (go)_______ sailing and (go)________ khổng lồ school. I (write)_____________________ a letter khổng lồ my friend. At 11 a.m every day, I (have)_______ lunch and (go)________ lớn bed. On tuesday, I (have)____________ math và Art. On Wednesday, I (have)____________ English. At the moment, I (eat)_______an orange and My sisters (Play) ___piano. Now, she (look)_______ his mèo . It (eat)______ a mouse in the garden. Hung, An, Ha, Linh (be)__________________ cthảm bại friend.___________your farther (walk)_________to market? It (be)__________09.00.We (learn)___________________our lesson. What___________you (do)____________now?__________your mother (walk) to work every day? They (not play)________________ volleyball in the morning.____________Hoang (work)____________in the garden at the moment? My Sister (do)______________________his homework in his room now. She does it every


John and his brother (play)__________________

volleyball at the moment. They (play)

_________________ it every afternoon.

Đáp án của bài bác tập trên

1 – is singing2 – go3 – likes – doesn’t like4 – are staying5 – reads
6 – is running7 – listens – isn’t listening8 – is – is – is watching9 – Do … go10 – are
11 – doesn’t go12 – go – go13 – am writing14 – have – go15 – have
16 – have17 – am eating – is playing18 – is looking – is eating19 – are20 – Does … walk
21 – is – are learning22 – are you doing23 – Does … walk24 – don’t play25 – Is … working
26 – is doing27 – are playing – play   

Bài 2. Chia rượu cồn tự sau đây ở thì phù hợp

Where ___________you (live)____________?

I (live)______________in Hai Phong town.

What _______________she (do) ______________now?

She (water)_________________flowers in the garden.

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What _______________he (do)_____________?

He (be)______________a teacher.

Where _________________you (be) from? At the moment, my Brother (play) ____________ soccer & my sister (play) ______________volleyball. It is 10.00; my family (watch)___________________TV. In the Autumn, I usually (go) ______________ lớn the park with my family, and in the spring, we (have) ___________Tet Holiday; I (be) ________ happy because I always (visit) ______________ my grandparents. ____________your father (go)_____________to lớn work by car? How ___________your brother (go)___________lớn school? What time _____________they (get up)_________________? What ____________they (do)________________in the Sping? Today, we (have)______________ Literature class. Her favourite subject (be)__________________ Literature. Now, my sister (like)_________________eating táo. Look! Aman (call)_________________you. Keep silent ! I (listen)____________________lớn the music. ______________ you (play)_________________ baseball now? Everyday, my mother (get up)_________________ at 6.00 a.m, but today, she (get up) __________________ at 7.00 am. Every morning, I (watch)_________________tv at 09.00, but today I (Listen) ________________ lớn music at 09.00. Everyday, I (go) __________khổng lồ school by môtxe đạp but today I go khổng lồ school by bike. Every morning, my mother (have) ______________a cup of coffee but today she (drink)____________milk. At the moment, I (read)_______________a book and my sister (watch)_______ TV. Hoách (live)________________in Saigon, and Hang (live)________________in Hanoi City. Hoang and his friend (play)_______________baseball. They usually (get up)___________________at 7.oo in the morning. Hai never (go)______________fishing in the winter but she always (do)_____________ it in the autumn.


My teacher (tell)__________________Hoai phong about Math. There (be)____________________ animals in the circus. _______________she (watch)______________TV at 8.00 every morning? What _____________he (do) _________________at 8.00 am? How old _________he (be)? How ___________he (be)? My children (Go)________________lớn school by bus. We (go)_______________khổng lồ supermarket khổng lồ buy some drink. Mrs. Huyen (go)________________on business khổng lồ Da Nang every month. Hai (like)______________coffee very much, but I (not like)______________it. He (like)________________Tea, but he (not like)____________________coffee. I (love)_______________ dog, but I (not love)__________________cats. Everyday, I (go)______________lớn school on foot, but today I (go)________________lớn school by bus. Who you _________________(wait) for Ninh?

– No, I _______________________(wait) for Mr. Hoang.

My sister (get)______________ dressed & (brush)_______________her teeth herself at 5.30 everyday. Mrs. Lan (not live)____________in downtown. She (rent)___________in an apartment in the suburb. How _________your children (go)_________________to lớn school everyday? It’s 8 o’clochồng in the morning. Loan (be)________in her room. She (listen) _______________khổng lồ music. We_______________________(play) baseball in the yard now. My mother (go)___________ to lớn work by car. Sometimes she(walk)______________. _________You (live)________near a market? _ It (be)____________noisy? Now I (do)_____________the cooking while Hoai vệ (listen)_______________lớn piano. At the moment, Ninc và his friends (go)_______________________shopping at the mall. In the summer, I rarely (go)______________sailing và (go)__________to school. I (write)_____________________________ a letter khổng lồ my friover now. At 11 a.m every day, I (have)______________lunch và (go)____________lớn bed. On Thursday, I (have)________________________ math & Art. On Saturday, I (have)______________________English. At the moment, I (eat)______________an aplle, & My brother (Play)_______ Tennis. _______his bags (be)?

– No, they (not be)______________.

What time _____________your children (go)____________ khổng lồ school? He (live)________________in Hanoi City. What time___________your brother usually (get)___________up? My house (be)_________in the city & it (be)_________big. Every morning , we (have)__________breakfast at 8.00 am. This (be)________a book và there (be)_________pencil. Mr. Dang (live)____________in the countryside. He (have)__________a big garden. Jyên (not have)______________Literature lesson on Thursday. What time _________you (start)___________your class? ___________you (be) in class 11A5? Mrs. Hai (learn)__________________in Nam Dinh, but she (not live)__________________ there. My Sister (not live)____________________in Anh; he (live)_______________ in Manchester. Now Mr. Linh (design) ____________________his dream house. She (like)_____________ bananas, but she (not like)_____________________apples.

Đáp án

1 – vày … live – live; 2 – is …. doing – is watering; 3 – does … bởi – is; 4 – are;

5 – is playing – is playing; 6 – is watching; 7 – go – have sầu – am – visit; 8 – Does … go;

9 – does … go; 10 – bởi vì … get up; 11 – vì … do; 12 – have; 13 – is;

14 – likes; 15 – is calling; 16 – am listening; 17 – Are… playing; 18 – gets up – gets up;

19 – watch – am listening; đôi mươi – go; 21 – drinks – drinks; 22 – am reading – is watching;

23 – lives – lives; 24 – play; 25 – get up; 26 – goes – does; 27 – tells; 28 – are;

29 – Does … watch; 30 – does… do; 31 – is; 32 – is; 33 – go; 34 – go; 35 – goes;

36 – likes – don’t like; 37 – likes – doesn’t like; 38 – love – don’t love; 39 – go – go;

40 – Are … waiting – am waiting; 41 – gets – brushes; 42 – doesn’t live sầu – rents;

43 – vì … go; 44 – is – is listening; 45 – are playing; 46 – goes – walks;

47 – Do … live sầu – is; 48 – am dong – is listening; 49 – are going;

50 – go – go; 51 – am writing; 52 – have – go; 53 – have; 54 – have;

55 – am eating – is playing; 56 – Are – aren’t; 57 – bởi vì … go;

58 – lives; 59 – does … get; 60 – is – is; 61 – have; 62 – is – are; 63 – live sầu – has;

64 – doesn’t have; 65 – bởi vì … start; 66 – Are; 67 – learn – doesn’t live; 68 – doesn’t live sầu – lives;

69 – is designing; 70 – likes – doesn’t likeKết

Trên trên đây là các bài tập luyện trắc nghiệm thì hiện thời đối kháng cùng ngày nay tiếp diễn gồm đáp án. Chúc chúng ta học tập tốt!